31 Jan 2009

Soul Siren: Part 3

Without a doubt the Queen Bee of soul. Nina Simone. And while she fits in with description from my previous post, of not being automatic floor filler, the power and drive of her music tends to lift you off your feet and raise you hands, or fists.

My first experience of Nina was when My Baby Just Cares For Me was re-released in the late eighties with an Aardman Studios video. I think I probably liked the song more because of the video than the song as I was still stuck in my north of scotland start trekkin across the universe phase. But time a healer of wounds and importantly, taste in music.

Now Nina is a regular member of my playlists and mobile mp3 experience. What separates her from many of the soul sirens I listen to is that power and class in her performance. Sometimes she may seem a little old fashioned when compared to the hit machines from Motown but its not a real comparison. Just look at the old pictures and performance of her. She got funk, she got soul. She got classssss.

And remember Nina civil rights campaiging was on the militant wing of the struggle. She was comfortable calling for and supporting the violent resistance of black america against white racism and creation of separate black state.

But enough of that. Music is why I am here. I have included three tracks below which I expect you all to enjoy and answer questions on at a later test. Have included the track from the video above, Revolution. Lordy lord those gospel grooves infect the soul don't they and the spirit of change is something that is fresh today for all the pain and suffering we must rid the world off. Next up is Gin House Blues, which makes you feel like you are in a small dank bar and suddenly the woman by the piano in the corner hits the keys and lights up the room to reveal a bustling crowd of no good soul-lovers sipping for drinks and nodding away to the tune.

Finally its Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter. I wanted this track for years as it was mentioned in review for a compilation funk CD in the now defunct Muzik magazine. Unfortunately the CD was £15 for about...2 million years or close to that. Finally picked it up in FOPP about 6 years ago and it was worth the wait. A stripped down funk track with bongo beats and Simone's voice battling throughout.

I just care for you.

Nina Simone - Revolution
Nina Simone - Gin House Blues
Nina Simone - Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter

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