15 Jan 2009

Well Alright Dawgs!!

Blogs blogs blogs. Coming out of everywhere. Some jaggy, some cold. Now some mysterious stranger in an unknown office is giving his two cents...........and that's extra committed as the cost of his wedding left his with only two cents. I would ask you to take sometime to check out the special people in the special mentions adjacent.

Well American Idol has started and before the pomposity of the final stages begins, its time for the auditions. Oh man. A totally sincere expression about how retards can reach new levels of douchedom. Just had a guy who sounded like a cross between Barry White and Dr Julius Hibbert. Paula Abdul has the skin, hair and demeanour of a demented Brooklyn Jewish granny burning under the Miami sun and demanding gafilcher!!! And Ryan Seacrest tries to high five a blind dude.

Yes. That happened. was on You Tube and tonnes of the copies of this have been pulled. Ryan Seaquest is using his full corporate muscle to hide the fact he's a dick. Anyhoo. American Idol inspires memories of the U S of Naffness and I needed a song to reflect. Mister Mister? Richard Marx? Journey? REO Speedwagon? wait, we have a winner.

REO Speedwagon - Keep On Lovin' You

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