2 Jan 2009

A New Year

Happy New Year and I hope you had a good one. 2009 is hear and I have some questions.

A lot of them are about money matters and finding a new job. But there are bigger issues.

I am sitting on the sofa watching The Hitcherhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I have not seen this before and its on because the lady is out seeing her mum, but it fits into my present New Year preoccupation. Science.

Given that the universe is trillions of light years in length I am under the impression that that means when we look at the stars and galaxies above, below and around us, we in fact are seeing them not as they are now, at that precise moment, but instead as they were billion or trillions of years previously. We see back in time. An exploding star has in fact been long dead and gone.

If we accept that and remind ourselves that we are not the centre universe but on a planet which is a tiny pinprick on the ass of the cosmos, then the same logic stands for any other life searching the universe as we do.

So if there is something else out there looking for life and they are looking at our galaxy, solar system and planet then they would not see me sitting on my sofa watching The Hitcherhikers Guide To The Galaxy but our galaxy, solar system and planet as it was millions of years ago, for example.

Now at present our technology allows us to only see living but seemingly still pictures of the cosmos. However, if we are theorising that the images at each end of this galatic search are both in the past then we can theorise that differing technology may exist and would it be possible for this other life to study us not as a distant collection of space gas and stars, but as if they were David Attenborough types looking through a set of binoculars seeing life in action. By that logic depending on the distant earth was from this other point in space and the level of the technology they could see our past in clear images. Dinosaurs, ice age, evolution of man etc etc.

Should they then record this and we would ever meet and share our joint histories, we would have the answers to many great questions and mysteries solved.

Happy New Year and here is a useful lesson in dealing with telesales callers....

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Mario said...


Also. Imagine the opposite! To think that the light from you sitting on your arse watching the telly will remain following thorugh the universe and millions of years in the future someone might see you and still think you are a lazy bam :P

Btw, why does my blog not get a special mention? :(