22 Jan 2009

Guilty As A Puppy Sittin' By A Pile Of Poo

Jeeez-o. If you have a moment check out the hugely tragic faux pas I did in my blog pants.

When I was listening to Animal Collective last week I was positive that it was the first time I had come across them and although I did not think their album was an instance love-in, I enjoyed most of it. The problem is that I had heard them before. On numerous occasions. Because my pal Allan includes them in CDs he has made for me.

Unfortunately I have developed a habit of not really reading and remembering the tracklisting and all that jazz (although i should add Allan does not put jazz on his cd's. not an anti-jazz thang, just it would be like adding ice cream to an omlette).

Anyhooo. So I must apologise to Mr Allan and make this tribute. When I got of the haycart that took me to university my taste in music was definitively North of Scotland. Non existent. Allan kindly took pity on me and lent me CDs. And from that time I can honestly say I took a new direction.

Without The Byrds there would have been no Beach Boys, no Love, no Buffalo Springfield, no Neil Young.....etc etc. Now before he gets some sort of big head, I am not saying he is like some sort of big bang in my musical universe but certainly he was a like a warp factor 10, she canna give much more Capt Kirk, effect on it. So thanks and sorry.

Here is one of the crew mentioned above. A Buffalo Springfield track which is all about Neil Young.

Neil Young - Expecting To Fly

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Allan said...

ha ha LOL... i WAS just joking :)