18 Apr 2009

Bleep, Bleep, Crunch, Scratch & Wirl

Not sure when it happened. It started before I had my own taste, i know that for sure. It has sometimes been an obsession. Sometimes it just lies about in the dusty attic of brain. But every once in a while its steps forward.

No, not my invisble friend, Harry Fercklesteinbergblum, but my fascination of electronic beat/bleep-scapes. Be it the sound u-zip, Luke Vibert, Tom Jenkinson, Richard James, Vadim and the mountain of records I picked up in the late 90s searching for the new chunk of electronic junk, its very apparent inaccessbility is its sweetest sound. Finding a moment where you hear a sound you aint heard in a record before is a discovery worth waiting for.

So to the new album from Prefuse 73. Just like Dan Deacon I am not in a position to give a biography of the guy or even historical background to his musical devlopment but I have....or had a few of his albums lying around the flat or PC. While they were more conventional (in the sense of accessibility rather than experimental adventure), his new album Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian plays like an epic electronic track broke into smaller electrons known as tracks.

I have not had the time to sit and listen to in one session but heard most of it while getting ready last week and with the exception of a harpsichord-like sound that I can do without, it is triumph in random electronic inchoherent coherency (I should have worked for Muzik magazine!!). Not many tracks that would make sense alone but I have added a couple below for your enjoyment/interest.

Prefuse 73 - Regato

Prefuse 73 - Natures Uplifting Revenge

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