5 Apr 2009

Now Post-Apocalyptic 75

Well I think I have made it clear how important and how much I enjoyed the midnight hour movie treats of pre cable tv. All the channels chipped in. Even Channel Five.

So before I move onto to playing some new music I have been listening to and my latest obsessions, I have one more film to give a big olde clut shout out.

Now sci-fi is a genre I can take or leave. For me it seems hard that a genre that demands such an expression of imagination can throw up so many tepid visions of our future or aliens that are human but with a third ear.

However, one sub-genre of sci fi I have always had an interest in is the Post Apocalyptic vision of the future. Films such as Delicatessen, Hardware, The Omega Man, Soylent Green, Logan's Run, Mad Max 2, Plant Of The Apes, Day Of The Dead, 1984, Death Race 2000, Esacape From New York and Rollerball.

Now I know some might say that some of those are Dystopias. But I aint going there. Like I said I like these films, I don't obssess over them.

My favourite Post Apocalyptic (love that word) movie has to be A Boy And His Dog. Starring a yougn Don Johnson and directed by Peckinpah stock actor LQ Jones its the story of earth after World War Four. Walking through the nuclear desert and amongst the savage remnants of humanity is Don and his dog. His dog and him can talk telepathically. A side effect of the radiation. Don finds food. The dog warns of danger and seeks out women. And in this vision the women are not for companionship or babies. As the film develops we meet an insane community based on Philip Sousa, marching bands and town hall meetings that meet out capital punishment. I don't need to say anymore.

I have included the original trailer below and then the re-release trailer. Why two? No idea but I would the guess the incoherent marching band music, flashing images and lack of narrative meant nobidy understood it. It certainly does not mention the talking dog.

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