11 Apr 2009

Goodbye Film Memories, Hello....Music?

I will not pretend to know a lot about Dan Deacon.

I am aware from the blog the blog grapevine that his noises are experimental, electronic, childlike and dance conscious. I know his live shows are meant to awesome-o. And I know his new album and pretty sweet.

Bromst is his latest album and I've been enjoying it the last few weeks. It's hard to pin down what it's like. At times you feel you've stumbled across a gem from Warp as there is tastes of Squarepusher and Aphex Twin in there. But there are not, if any, dark edges or shadows that the aforementioned couple use to such disorientating effect. Sometimes it feels like a lullaby for a 22 Century kid deep in a techno induced coma. It's a lot of fun. And at times it's a little exhausting but in terms of quality electronic noises, voices and beats I would recommend visting it.

Dan Deacon - Red F

Here is a wee example of Deacon's live experience......

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Allan said...

yes Dan Deacon is ace, I like to think of him as a money mark style figure addicted to ecstasy. Havent heard the new album yet, i may purchase it this weekend!