2 Jun 2008

Holy Day

Yup, it's that time friends. Holiday is about from a booking to a reality. Me and the little lady is heading east and south tomorrow. No, not Berwick but Amalfi in Italy. On the coast south of Naples and although the weather is not predicted to be amazing I sure we will have a great time and eat some amazing food.

So this will be the last post until I get back and can post some pics of the holiday and the music that best fits it. Until a couple of randomn tracks.

The first is by Funky Monkey. Its extremely hard to find info about this guy or guys on the net. Some comments about them mention they were part of the 'Big Beat' wave of the mid to late nineties but that would be really unfair. Chucking them in with Bentley Rythm Ace, Propellerheads, Mekon and other such acts is an insult in my opinion.

Their album, Come Together People Of Funk, is great blend of sampnology and electro-funk. Peaceman is the final epic track of the album and is a real closer. It starts slow with strings, whispered samples and then builds and builds into a righteous call to funk, sang by Primal Scream collaborator Denise Johnson (think that's right).

The second track is a piece of hardcore NYC street rap from The Flight of the Concordes. Hip-hopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous is right on its wrong. Check out the video here. Hilarious.

Funky Monkey - Peaceman

The Flight of the Concordes - Hip-hopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous

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