29 Apr 2008

You Got To Be In It To Win It

We did it. We're there. I can't belive it. It's true, really true. Like the Spartans, like the rebel alliance, like the red army of russia we took an oath tonight.

"THEY SHALL NOT PASS!" Wave after after wave of threat crashed against of shore and each one was shrugged off with a spirit of united unity. A passion to be there. to be there to win it.

One beautiful strike of inflated leather, a cut of the air, a ripple of a net, a million voices joyous.

I am so happy. About an hour ago I was emotionally vomitting all over the sitting room and tears were pouring out of every pore but one goal and one mighty effort has put us into the final of the Champions League. the greatest club final in the world.

I love you and I love the people you love. I am sitting here with a beer listening to the Stone Roses and it feels so right. Bask in my happiness, share in my joy. Tonight may be passing fancy but the glory will live on in my heart forever. I love you all.

This is the one, This is the one, THIS IS THE ONE. This is the one.

The Stone Roses - This Is The One

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