21 Sep 2008

Happy Birthday Jackie

32 years young today. haha told her last night I was putting a picture of 'jackie' up on the blog which had her wondering a little about which incriminating photo it may be.

But with the age of the internet sexual predator upon us I did not want to post her likeness on the blog. So instead its some smashing pics of Mr jackie Chan. These are my favourites but check out this photo album to see all his angles, poses and homoerotic visages!!

Anyway went to the CCA last night to see james Murphy fae LCD Soundsystem doing a we DJ set. Was a little tired early on but got into the tunes and had a second wind (note someone had some second winds in the dance pit and it was raaaank). Trainers and jeans got covered in muck but I have washed them and its clean man. Damn clean.

Here is a wee birthday tune for jackie. Have a great year. x

Tender Forever - Happy Birthday

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