28 Sep 2008

Power Extreme

Just like the Centurions and their amazing weapon weilding outfits, it appears that all the boys are suited and booted for next week and the wedding of the century. Therefore it leaves me the simple task of dedicating this weeks blog entries to Darren and Julie's big day.

Will be posting some wise thoughts, tips and advice on marriage not just for them but for all couples be they straight, gay or lavender. Of course wach post with have a song for D & J. A song that not only represents the POWER OF LOVE but the sheer complexity of organising a wedding for catholics and atheists alike. There aint god my friends. And Jesus was a Mormon from outer space....or is that moron?

Anyhoo tip one comes from The Wedding Channel:

Q: My MOH is allergic to dogs. Is it wrong to ask her to take shots/medication for our ceremony?

A: While it’s fine to include well-behaved pets in a wedding ceremony, it can’t happen at the expense of the health and comfort of one of your guests. Someone needs to be in charge of the pets at all times to see that they behave, are fed and are taken for a walk. As lovely as it is for you to want to share your big day with your dogs, your maid of honor needs to come first. If her allergies are so extreme that she can’t even be in the same proximity as your dogs, I suggest you rethink including them in your ceremony. And, you shouldn’t ask your maid of honor to go for shots or take medication; if she offers and truly wants to, that’s her choice – not yours. You can always take some pictures with your dogs separately ahead of time so you can have a memory of those special moments with them, too.

Marriage Megamix. Part One. haha billy idol is such a fud.

Billy Idol - White Wedding

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