28 Sep 2008

A moment...

Been around a few blogs and its nice to see so many saying so many wonderful things about Paul Newman. I don't know what it is about the older hollywood stars, maybe the nostalgia, maybe the soft focus or maybe because the lack of cgi and other 21st century conveniences means their words and thoughfulness makes so many films so timeless. Losing the likes of Paul Newman or Rod Steiger reminds us of there can be method in acting without it becoming method madness.

I thought of a few Paul Newman clips I would want to have in the blog. I can't think of many Paul Newman films I don't like. There are his great moments of hope, humour, blue collar and subversion but I have chosen the moment when the heroic Cool Hand Luke learns of his mother's death and seeking solice, picks up a banjo and pours out his sadness to the night. A really beautiful moment. You will have to turn up the volume a little but its worth it.

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