11 Sep 2008


Oh man the fnarr gods were out in force tonight. After the horrors of Transformers me and the lil' lady headed out tonight to watch Stepbrothers, the new Will Ferrell and John C Reilly movie.

Laughed through most of it. They were doing what they do. Purile and immature 40 yr olds at odds with a world which does not understand classic Hustler, Billy Joel doo-wap, Steven Seagal and curly hair. You gotta see it. Actress Mary Steenburgen could barely keep a straight face during some scenes.

Anyway, with such an enjoyable new film viewed, it seemed apt to play some new music. Thanks to the great Aldo, I am have been aware of Stereolab for some time. Frenchy, cranky, poppy, skippy, morbid, hopeful and always different. This is the opening track from their new album which I like.

Stereolab - Neon Beanbag

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