22 Jun 2009

Canadian Baking

Since its mid-season in tv land and there is absolutely nothing to watch in the evenings (not even Admiral Baby) I have started to roam the channels beyond Come Done With Me marathons and Virgin's on demand section.

On Friday there appeared to be one of BBC Four theme evenings. Friday was Leonard Cohen, the bruising canadian dark poet. before you could say 'rusty razor blade slicing frantically' I was listening to the big man on Spotify.

I aint one to assume the position of number one fan. I also will admit that I only own a single best of album. Furthermore I will swear on the Koran that there is loads of Leonard which is totally unlistenable. But from the one best of...and from the other tracks I have picked up through blog rummaging, I can confidently say I think he is immense.

He is not some miserablist as some would paint him. For me he just starts in the shadows and moves to the darkness. It's not about tricking you and taking you with him. They're small glimpses of like in Cohen-world, and that world aint Disney Land. Who would want that?

The picture above is of Warren Beatty from Robert Altman's Mr McCabe & Mrs Miller, one of the great 70s anti-westerns. The score is 100% Cohen and gives the film are more dream like quality.

Of the two tracks I have chosen one is my favourite Cohen track, Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye and a prominent track from the above mentioned western, Sisters Of Mercy. Hey, That's No... is beautiful with its acoustic intro, devasting opening line and sirens singing the chorus behind Cohen. A song to hear before you die.

Leonard Cohen - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

Leonard Cohen - Sisters Of Mercy

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