12 Jun 2009

Porky Pig's Revenge

Well piggy flu is standing at my door and it feels great.

Today it was confirmed that the mother of a colleague in my team has swine flu. My colleague has the symptons. As I was told I turned to look at the pile of documents said colleague has passed me a day earlier and which I had been closely sifting through.

Fantastic. For once a global pandemic is taking an interest in me. I am one more step closer to be being a witness on Sky News. Hell, I may even get on CNN. HELL!!! I may even get the super flu and get some time of work. Wish I'd licked those documents.

So watch this space. I may soon be blogging from a sterile pirex bubble.

In honour of this event I am posting a track from Camera Obscura's latest album, My Maudlin Career. No idea why I have not mentioned this superb album (since I know the drummer....and boyfriend of the bassist...i'm such a whore) earlier but what the hey! I will post a few tracks from it soon but in the meantime this is the sickest track on the album.

Camera Obscura - French Navy

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Steve said...

Yeah, you can just hang on to those DVDs.