30 Jun 2009

Lick My Dubplate

Not sure why its been on my mind but been thinking about my days in the jungle. Drum n Bass. Dancing like a crazed witch doctor with the body representing the bass and the hands and arms the breaks and beats.

The interest started in early 1996 if I remember. I was bored one day and picked up a copy of a compilation which had a massive impact on my musical horizons. Then it was a matter of buying more and more cd's and more importantly records. Jungle made my collection explode from a minor hamlet to a large cosmopolitan town. The guys, Allan, Mark, Paul and Lee to name a few all had jungle fever and it meant some great nights, epic gigs, so-so gigs, supercool clothes and a pair of teflon combats!!!

So Pontiac will be celebrating jungle this week from my perspective as a proud former junglist.

So what was that first comp? LTJ Bukem's Logical Progression. Muzik magazine, which in its hey day between 1995-98 was a passionate supporter of jungle, gave an excellent review of the compilation and had a great pic of Bukem wearing he trademark funky specs and a thick silver winter jacket. Did not run out to FOPP then and there but it nestled in my head and on a bored trip to town to avoid some annoying flatmates I bought.

It was unbelievable and I just kept listening to it again and again. The 1st CD was indiviual tracks and the 2nd was a mix by Bukem. A total revelation. And from there I bought Moving Shadow, No U-Turn, Reprezent, Metalheadz, Ram, V and so on. This week I am going to remember some of the highlights of my time in the jungle. When it threatened to break into the mainstream before retreating back to where it worked best. The dirty end of experimental dance music.

My first track is from the Logical Progression. No going for a Bukem track as they are everywhere. But wanted to give a shout to Peshay. This track is a belter. Drum n Bass to drag you onto the dancefloor combined with a soulsister vocal.

Peshay - Vocal Tune

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