17 Jun 2009

Super Troupers

Well its been too long in coming and by golly what a way to launch themselves on Pontiac Dream.

While I hosted a Camera Obscura track last week, little did I know that would prompt ex-Scottish comedian and know superstar in the field of American chatshows, Craig Ferguson, to give them a slot on his show.

Seriously, when Allan (ta Aldo) posted this on Facebook I was in awe and more than a little impressed with C Ob (as we call them on the street). Please spend some time watching the below clip:

Impressed. Well if not then here is another taster. Straight from their latest album I am glad to host the title track, My Maudlin Career, and album closer, Honey In The Sun.

Both show C Ob at their best. Production that improves which each album and they're comfortable slowing it down to make you nod and sway, or the usual album finale which has you shuffling and clapping. Take a good listen. Craig Freekin' Ferguson!!!

Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career

Camera Obscura - Honey In The Sun

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