14 Jun 2009

West End Festivus

The sun is out...technically. But there is also some cloud activity to be wary of. Why the concern over the weather?

It's the West End Festival today so that means we're off to Kelvin Way for a bit of a street party with music, rides, balloon salesmen and barbacues. I know the West End festival is actually on over a few weeks but for most of us we only wander along to this as its a good excuse to get drunk, see friends and watch the always funny badger parade.

The photo above is some of the gang at the 2007(?) party but I am willing to be corrected. It captures the essence of the day. Friends. Beer. Shades. Tshirts. Crowds.

Me, Mrs Pontiac and elements of her family are all wandering along but I will be making a sharp exit at some point to drink and be merry. And unlike last year when I had a fookin job interview the following day, this year I am off work tomorrow.

Now I know some you, like Shatbass, will want to remind me I a potential carrier of the Pork Virus. But it's the West End so everyone has probably been travelling recently and just as likely to have it. There is also a childrens, maternity and general hospital all within 10 mins. Simply - I aint missing out because I touched paper touched by someone who touched someone with pandemic fever.

Musically I am sure there will be proto-hi-land-funk-fling, 60's tribute band for old hippies, country & westend, shat-rock and maybe ska-skiffle. Personally the soundtrack I would be like to hear would include these:

Brute Force - The Deacon

Graeme Allwright - Dommage

Tito Puente - Fancy Feet

Just chose them randomly from my 'Festivus Folder' however I am sure you will agree that would be the greatest god-damn festivus of all time.

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