11 Jun 2009

Red Army Misfit Joins White Army

Well the inevitable has happened. Ronnie has stopped whispering, hinting, grunting, humming and hawwing about his love for Manchester Utd and equal desire to move to Real Madrid.

Why? Because Fergie has looked to the future and seen are best served with Ronaldo being sold to Franco's Fascists for a sweet £80 million and the squad being enhanced by two or maybe three new heroes.

I am sad to see Ronnie leave my team. There is no other player with his variety of talent and attacking options. He cannot be replaced but the team as it has done time and time again, will transform and continue in our march to victory through attack. And it wont harm us NOT having the most brattish player in the world embarrassing us.

So goodbye Ronnie. I will always remember your 2007-2008 season. 42 glorious goals...and here they are:

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