18 Jun 2008

Baby Talk

Ah babies. Just want to get this out of the way. me and my lady aint expecting. This post is in honour of one of my work colleagues who let it be known today that she is expecting a baby.

Couldn't be happy for her. Just means I need to a get a new job before she leaves on maternity leave and a huge knowledge gap in the department.

Anyway I had to choose the greatest baby ever, Miss Maggie Simpson. A real heroine. Clever. Funny. Wild. And a lifesaver to Homer on more than one occasion.

Speaking of the Simpsons, and I generally do, a fellow devotee of the springfield five, Steve, gave me a shout about the Midnight Juggernaughts. Kinda a LCD System cum Justice cum Daft Punk cum etc. Been listening to the new album and although I would not say its a classic, its a lot better than much of the nonsense out there. LIKE HOT 'FOOKIN' CHIP.

In addition I thought its always to play a little dance and X-Press 2 fits that role to the smallest decimal point. Hope you enjoy it like I did french film, Priceless, at the GFT tonight. C'est Bonne.

Midnight Juggernaughts - Shadows

X-Press 2 - The Answer

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