26 Jun 2008

The Herbaliser's....

....debut album Remedies was the the first Ninjatune album I bought. I think way back in 1996.

It was and still is a great album. Listened to it not so long ago and even though there are a few scratches in essential grooves (thanks Justine! whereever you are) its blend of funk, Hip Hop and cine-samples fully reflecting the developing Ninjatune ethos.

However, The Herbaliser also represent Ninjatune's descent into a pretty standard and stale sound. Its experimentalism is......well I don't wont to go on about Ninjatune right now as this post is not about them and I don't want to slag off a label that made such great sounds.

Anyhoo, The Herbaliser, always promised lots but delivered relatively patchy albums and recently plain disappointing efforts. However, I still hold a fondness for them as each time I have seen them live they have been excellent and the nights, be it Art School, Sub Club or Arches have always been jumping. So thanks Herbaliser.

There new album is called Same As It Never Was and its out on the excellent German label K7!. I have added a couple of tracks from the album below. The album itself perfectly the description above. Tracks give glimpses of great ideas and directions but ultimately finish at same competent but not exciting place.

I chose Game, Set and Match because I felt it sounded like and reflected an untapped Gypsey-Hip-Parissihop sound. I close with the stand out track from their latest partner in rhyme (get it!!), Jessica Darling. A right thumping hand clapping tap along. Yeah!

The Herbaliser (feat. Jessica Darling) - Claps Your Hands

The Herbaliser (feat.more or les) - Game Set and Match

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