21 Jun 2008

Links Effect

Hey. Not putting up a track today but just wanted to say a little about the excellent blogs on there which have inspired to try out the sharing of thoughts and music.

Not sure who, how many or why folk may look at this blog. It may just be Jackie and Allan along with a few lost souls searching for exclusives. However, I hope that anyone who does make the effort to read what I've written and listen to my choice cut, also takes a little time to explore the links on the right handside of the blog.

Some are blogs that i have followed for a good few years while others are new to me but no less exciting. Felt inspired to mention these guys because of Foeweel which during my weekly run through of the blogs in my favourites, has put up three mixes by Boards of Canada. If you don't know me then you will not know how important BOC are for me. Short answer: very.

Anyhoo, I am adding Foeweel to my links along with some others I have been regularly bisiting lately. There is a huge variety of motivations and music in these blogs which deserve recognition so take an hour and head on out there.

Damn it. Have decided to play a little song...

Ulrich Schnauss - On My Own

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jocky said...

I know I'm a bit late with this one, but: I. Love. This. Track. I am off to look for somwehwere to purchase it online so I can listen to it on ma way to Cardiff.