24 Jun 2008

Cookie Monster

I like many folk on this side of the pond find American politics fascinating. I think its because there seems so little actual real politics taking place.

It's full of glam, vague aspirational visions and of course our opinions are safe in the knowledge that we don't have to choose between fraudulent democrats or vicious republicans......I know we have Labour and the Tories but aleast there a few smaller parties we can consider opting for.

Anyhoo, with American politics comes satire and for many of us, The Daily Show with john Stewart, was the show we got to see on tv. I think The Daily Show is very average with Stewart's iwttering in-jokes missing the mark.

However, The Colbert Report, which is a spin off with a character starting on Stewart's show, is one of the most hard hitting and hysterical shows coming out of America. Stephen Colbert does not play himself but a character. Mocking the Fox based Bill O'reillys and Sean Hannitys. Right Wing lunatics whose shows are editorialised lies attacking any progressive force in the USA.

Last week after a few average shows, the Colbert had its best guest so far, Cookie Monster. Defending his changing stance on cookies, the big blue cuddily idol stands firm against Colbert's pro-cookie agenda. Check it out.

Your dessert is a DJ Food take on a Sesame Street classic.

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