14 Jun 2008


A lovely lovely and I may say, lovely holiday.

Beautiful weather, beautiful food, beautiful wine, friendly people, clear ocean, high cliffs. Amalfi is a really great place tol go and recharge amongst some really sensation scenery.

It may be hot in Glasgow at the mo' but it aint the same. Dreading going back to work on Monday but then again I dread going to work every evening.

Feeling a little fat due to the mounds of pasta I ate but already burngin it off cleaning the flat and awaiting the a visit from mon pere et mon mere.

The first photo is a clip from the Sunday night where the there was a huge fireworks display after a regatta. The second one below was this sensation dressed japanese tourist. It's something out of a nightmareish spaghetti western made in tokyo.

Anyway will organise some newer musicfor the next post. In meantime this is the opening track from the classic The Italian Job.

Quincy Jones & Matt Monro - On Days Like Like These

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