8 Mar 2008

Calvados, £6.95

That's how much a small glass of Calvados was in the resteraunt me and the lady had dinner in last night. Mancini's on Great Western Road, Glasgow. Top food, Top surroundings.

Anyway Calvados is French apple brandy. It's not to sweet, got a lush thick feel and packs an almighty punch. First tried it on a trip to Paris with my friends Jackie and Gill. A cafe owner got chatting to us and insisted we try calvados. The addication began there.

That is a lovey feed into todays post and the subject of next few. France and its lovely late 90s house music. Starting off with legendery comp Super Discount which if you hae not heard....then you should.

Its beaming yellow, black and white cover contains the essential tracks of 1996. Everyone single one is worth a listen but I have chosen to share Prix Choc (Discount Price). The fact it was sitting in a folder in my laptop did it no harm either.

Hope you enjoy this. Rumbles along like a french steam ship containing a funky crowd cigar smoking models and gin drinking b-boys dancing to neverending set of french electronic beats.

Etienne De Crecy - Prix Choc


Steve said...

I like French things!

jocky said...

man, I remember that calvados. It burned a wee gully all the way down . . . and there was a goats cheese crepe with honey too, if i remember rightly. Jazz cookin, fronch syle.