30 Mar 2008

Flat Packed Dancing

We're of to see Ikea, the wonderful Ikea of Braehead. mmm...does not quite go with the Wizard of Oz tune. But yes, Ikea is the chosen destination today. I'm in search of cd storage of a Swedish kind while the lady is wanting to look, but not buy.

In honour of our journey to Scandinavia-Braehead here is a track from Finland which of course is Sweden's next door neighbour. Jori Hulkkonen released his first album on the french label, F Communications, in 1996(97?) and its really the sort of sounds you would expect to come from a country which comes across as clean, with still air, barren but graceful landscapes and a bunch of young techno fans locked in a bedroom until the sun comes out in June. Apologies for any geographical stereotypes there but I know little of Finland.

This track is my favourite because it reminds me so much of the theme to Assault on Precinct 13 (see previous post, Airwolf Awakenings). Being such a fan of John Carpenter's scores as well as films it was a cert that I would fall for this reptitive electronic industrial-crunch-fest with plenty of space for elegant synths. What does that mean. Dunno.

Jori Hulkkonen - Whispers

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