16 Mar 2008

Sunday Morning In Paris

My head a little achey, the gas is on full and I'm shattered after a day of booze in Glasgow. If only I could be waking up in Paris and preparing to wander down to a little cafe to have some orange juice, salad and first class omelette. mmmmm...

Anyhoooo, French house. Like a lot of the music I listen to and love, I stumbled across Dimitri From Paris. My flatmate at uni was the music editor of the student paper so he would get a load of promo cds. He liked indie stuff which was fine cause most of that was Brit Shit Pop. As he was not into techno, house or anything leftfield he kindly passed those onto me.

One of these was Sacrebleu by Dimitri From Paris. Simply describing it as French House would be unfair because there is so much going on in the album. If you can get hold of it I recommend tracking it down. The track below, Le Moogy Reggae, is an upbeat funky little number which should have your toes tapping and then your hips swinging.

Dimitri From Paris - Le Moogy Reggae

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