17 Mar 2008

Mac Daddy

Like aliens from space the users of Macs and Ipod are a mystery to me. They talk about computer, internet and mp3 stuff in a language very simlar to those of a pc or laptop user but with a differing dialect whihc makes it sometimes incomprehensible to others.

So anyhoo, some of my close Mac using friends have said there are some issues accessing the tracks I am uploading using 4shared. To honest before I found out about that 4shared was going to get the boot because I did not like the downloading page. Not intuitive and not user friendly. Temporaryily I will be using Freedrive which seems to be connected to Facebook. So may be crap. Not sure. I really hope that if you are looking to access the track it works. If not then let me know.

So, for the Mac users, I dedicate this track to them. The pentultimate post in my flashback to the 1996/97 French House imperialism. Sourcelab were one the most innovative but accessible of the French labels. I picked up their Sourcelab 3 compilation in the local Shelter Housing shop (more on that anothe time). The comp is a blend of house, electronica and heep hop beats. The track below is a swirling pink cloud of danceable squelchy noises and opens the comp on disc 1. A Bientot.

Fantom - Faithfull

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Anonymous said...

okay so this new music software thing is fine on my mighty fine mac. So cool i can post things now! I guess it was just me being stoopid rather than the machine .. . . . luv, the mac jacki