26 Mar 2008

HD Killed The Analogue Star

Hey ho and away we go. Had a weekend away from the internet so I am eager to post up some new tunes. Still trying to choose the last track in my French experience but it will be up soon.

Anyhoo, I bought a nice new TV yesterday. 32" Philips LCD bundle of love for a decent price of £400. After a few start up issues I think it is looking good and sounding great. Who would have ever thought that TV audio contained bass!!!

So in homage to the new TV and all those I've lost and loved before (TV's that is) here are choice Tv intro tunes from my youth. First up it is The Man From Uncle. Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughan) was so much better than Bond. American for a start and seemed to succeed based largely on his perfectly combed hair. An interesting fact: two of my aunts play on these score. Aunt Chimpbeano took 420 shots of adrenalin to play the bongo's at such high speed and eventually lost the use of her hands and elbows. Aunt Illinios played the saxamaphone on the score and trained at Rob Lowe's Epic Sax college in Burma for 2 years in prepration.

Second up is E War Woo War as The Equaliser. As Robert McCall he was the nightmare version of Murder She Wrote. If you knew him you were totally fucked. Rape, kidnap, murder. All were better than being in the situation where you needed him.

Lastly its one of those shows which reminds me of stork margarine, muffins and jam. The Fall Guy was a tea time classic and brought together the previously no go cocktail of stunt work and private detectivery. The theme of course is sung by the star, Lee Majors.

The Man From Uncle

The Equaliser

The Fall Guy

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jocky said...

So did ye just buy the new telly in order to up the ante against your neighbour?