11 Mar 2008

C'est Beaucoup

Allo' Allo' may have been my childhood introduction to France through the power of horrific sexual comedy (I laughed then but then again I also laughed at Cannon & Ball) but soon my thoughts of Franceland were less about boobies, stockings and camp salutes, and more about rumbling french house.

Before I listened to Super Discount, Daft Punk or Dimitri From Paris, there was Etienne De Crecy and Phillipe Zdar's Motorbass effort, Pansoul. I will admit that at first I did not get all of this this. Flying Fingers with its funky scratching and breaks was a bit more accessible but after opening to the vast French musical invasion of the 1996/97 Motorbass became a more and more essential listen.

Repetitive beats, languid pulsing bass and samples de francais, I could not advise you more strongly to search out this and consume. I have dropped a couple of tracks form the album below. A Bientot...

Motorbass- Les Ondes

Motorbass - Neptune

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