5 Mar 2008

The French Are Coming!

I've got it in my head to dig around some of the brilliant french house music I seemed to buy each week in the year 1997. A little exaggerated but if you remember that was period where Etienne De Crecy, Dimitri From Paris, Daft Punk, Air, Philipe Zdar etc were producing the best and most danceable tracks around.

However, until I pull that together here is something a crunchier. Been listening to Hard Sell by Shadow and Cut Chemist and a little sad they are not playing in Glasgow, especially as Kid Koala is playing on the Hard Sell tour.

So in honour of beats, scratches and more beats here is a Kid Koala track, Shanky Panky, from his album, Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs, and Kemuri by DJ Krush (I know its been around for ages but its immense).

Kid Koala - Shanky Panky

DJ Krush - Kemuri

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jki said...

i'm all confused . . . I think I just mislaid a comment . . . oh well. All I said was I like these tracks best, and that the blog is lookin (and sounding) good! Just what I had in mind.