9 Apr 2008

Beat Fatigue Leads To Jangly Revolt

Sitting in listening to Waylon Jennings' Honky Tonk Heroes plotting what I'll do in the next 40 mins before I crash. Man United won tonight and go on to face the mighty Barca so I feel contented for a time.

The Beach Boys are great and as per my first ever post on this blog my understanding of their careers and creative high points was sorely mistaken until I delved a little deeper and found more greatness beyond Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile.

But before The Beach Boys were The Byrds. For me that is. I suppose The Byrds were a bit more accessible and big shouts go to Allan for introducing them to me. Initially I liked them because they were like The Beatles but with a sunny psychadelic fusion.

But as I grow out of The Beatles (like we should all do) I found more reasons to love and appreciate The Byrds. While their first three albums were more of a collection of singles than a coherent vision, as they became less popular their output increased in depth and quality. I could go on but as I say on many things, 'i aint no eggspurt.'

I have chosen two significant songs for me. The first is bassist Chris Hillman's first solo writing credit for the band. I like Time Between because it shows a band continuing to reject Beatles sentimonies and embrace their own and Hillman's country roots. Ooh check me and the fancy talk. The second track is tender but still powerful protest song. Old song, same global situation. If you want to more about the byrds this old but relatively indepth websiteon The Byrds and the splinter groups that spun of the group is interesting.

PS. Found the Sonny Bono pic while searching for an appropriate Byrds one. Could not say no to it.

The Byrds - Time Between

The Byrds - Draft Morning

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