12 Apr 2008

Wonderful World, Beautiful People?

A quick wee Saturday post. Love is in air...I wish. A ragin' anger at Her Majesty's Mail is really in the air. Ordered a ******* from play.com which arrived on Wednesday but was too big for the letter box. I wait for the 24 hours to pass and head to delivery office which is in an industrial estate somewhere in middle earth.

Not there. I ask for it to be sent o my local post office. No problem, should be there Friday. Not there Friday. Not there Saturday. Head back to middle earth. Not there. Where is it? "it's not been returned yet." Considering it was delivered on Wednesday should it not be here three days later? "They may be busy." Who? "The mail centre."

Where the fuck is it? I know its not the posties fault but come on give me a little sugar rather than a "dunno." Anyhoo I needed that rant and hopefully it will appear on Monday without the need to head back middle earth one more time.

To combat my feeling of hate, here is some love. Lady Smith found this link on a late night internet trawling mission. Just have a wee look and enjoy the low level indicators of brothers and sisters getting a little too close. And the names? I wanna be a Scroggy.

So anyhooo, enjoy these tracks of love and passion.

Nancy Sinatra - God Knows I Love You

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Wild Horses

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