16 Apr 2008

Golden Wonder Crisps Are So 80s

I fancy putting out a wee post as I have forgotten the last couple of nights and I am just about to head out to watch the old firm game. Hail, Hail n all that sort of thing.

Just heard the Bank Of England is going to bail out banks with bad investments so that they can fresh money in from each other while the tax payers will cover the mortgage type things that have caused so much of this credit crunchie thing. I wish I was a bank.

i would be a lovely bank. Everyday would be bank holiday. I would not have ridiculous advertising inside. I would just have a big vault guarded by a lion made of Quorn Burgers, where people could put their money and know it was there when they need it. Instead of interest I would offer opinions, handy hints and help with their flit.

Anyhoo Golden Wonder crisps??? They used to be the boss. Now they are just also rans in the shadow of Walkers. Funny how that happens. Could be worse, they could be KP crisps. I think you only get them in working men's social clubs know.

Here is some hip hop. From england.

cLOUDDEAD - apt.a

Edit: Oh dear. Shame upon me. I must apologise to cloudhead who are actually from Oakland, California. Lazy blog meant that just because the track was released on an english label, Big Dadda, i said the track was english. Sorry to misinform and thank you allan.


Aldo said...

Great song Keef, but cLOUDEAD are actually from Oakland, Cali

Katy Widrick said...

Thought you might be interested in this link -- it's awesome video taken by Byrds founded Roger McGuinn and his wife Camilla. He got out his guitar during a train ride from Florida to New York City, and played some of his hits, as well as some lesser-known songs.


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