28 Apr 2008

Two Sides To The Weekend

There was nothing beautiful about the last weekend. My team were robbed off the title...for now, when a referee gave a 40-60 decision in favour of Chelsea. Sunday improved with a Celtic win and a lurvly day in the pub. But when you think about it compared to a blue rose in Paris it don't compare.

So it's Monday. And why not deliver some surgical, clinical techno fun. Alex Smoke can be seen wandering about Glasgow but his music is universal. This track is would be the soundtrack to Tron if it were a road movie set in a commodore 64.

Juan McLean is part of the DFA stable and represents a fine expression of the music robots would make in their bedrooms after the terminator eventually knobbles sarah connor.

I like robots. Especially ones with musical notes.

Alex Smoke - Never Want To See You Again

Juan Mclean - Shining Skinned Friend

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