2 Apr 2008

Racist Bread

Yeah you heard. It's the whitest bread known to man. It's proud. So proud that it's name is pride. White Pride!!! Try marg, try jam, try ketchup, try coffee. Nothing gives this a deeper flavour. A soul.

Someone say soul? Well I gotta a little bit here for your aural pleasure. The Persuaders was not just the name of a terrible 1970s TV show featuring the combined acting talent of roger moore and tony curtis but also the name of a smooth philly soul group. This track is from the excellent Creme de la Creme 2 compilation released....mmm early last year I think.

The second track is from the soul but a sould less ineterested in romantic liasons than with The Man. The white man. I cannot confirm if much of the Watts Prophets cynical proto-rap is aimed at Mother's Pride breadery produce but I for one wont be buying it anytime soon. The fact I have not bought it since its 20p price attracted me as a student in no need of fibre, means nought.

The Persuaders - Some Guys Have All The Luck

The Watts Prophets - Dem Niggers Ain't Playing

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