7 Apr 2008

Chick Pea Horrors

Oh what a lovely evening it could have been. After a wonderfully suprising invite to her, I was going to meeting with Jackie at a lurvly Lebanese cafe where I would have ordered falafel that looked exactly like the picture. Gossip! Good Chat! Laughter!

Ruined. Ruined by and excess amount of drink the previous night. As I lay horizontally on the sofa watching the footie, little did I know that when stood up this would happen...

So I had to cancel. Anyhooo, what you gonna do when the body says no. So as a homage to sickess of a jungle kind and a sorry to Jackie here is todays cuts.

Metalheadz was one of the key jungle labels in the development of drum 'n' bass. That's old news and I am not trying to say I am an expert of something. Been going back over my jungle recently. A lot of it and funkin' amazing and brought back a lot of memories of the Speirs Warf Massive. I have decided to put up a couple of J Magik tracks. One a classic slice of the genre and the other a delightful scoop of electronica.

Following that is Roy Davis Jnr. One of the all time super great tracks. One I know Jackie likes. Sorry Jackson. You, me, elaine and falafel asap.

J Magik - Future State

J Majik - Elysian Fields

Roy Davis Jnr feat Peven Everett - Gabriel (live garage edit)

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jocky said...

Hey Keef, hope yr feeling better. Sometimes life's just so bad it makes you puke, eh? (NB never use this saying with Gill.) Don't worry though, sometime's life's seemingly random vomit-paralysis is fate's way of saving you from going out and dropping a pound coin down a drain. It's all swings and roundabouts. Falafel will just have to wait... hang on, is there a pun in there? - feelawful ... sorry. Cheers for the choon and see you soon. jki x PS haven't seen you in soo long, scientists are going to start using this period to commmunicate intergalactic distances.