21 Apr 2008

Does The Wind Have A Sound?

A question? Yes. After spending a delightful Sunday afternoon with ma mucka J to the A by the C to the K with an I not forgetting the E, I was wandering down an extremely windy street and I couldn't hear my missus on the phone it was so loud.

But does wind have a sound? Before you answer I want to say I realise that all sound is a processing by the ear processing waves and the brain forming this into their distinct elements causing to recognise it.

However, for me their has to be a difference between wind and say the sound of a car starting, a bottle smashing, drums being played or a creaking hinge. All of those surely have at their source a physical act, a clash of substances, materials, surfaces which cause a sound to then be picked up by your ears.

Surely wind just enters your ear, pure and carrying no alien substance, with the sound off the wing just being the sound of the air coming into to contact with our ear drums. Know what I mean?

Anyhoo, sitting in the flat listening to vinyl. jazz vinyl!!! Joe Henderson to be exact. But it aint just being posted tonight. First up is Black Moth Super Rainbow. I came across a couple of their tracks last year and bought their album, Dandelion Gum, all the way from America. A kinda psychedalic Boards of Canada. One of the my best finds ever (although by finding it I mean I just bought it before some others did??)

Second track up is another piece of electric pie. This time from Sweden. The Field is another act I found through other blogs and although it it is not the most ground breaking techno I have heard it has a simplicity and a dance-ability that a lot of other techno producers have forgotten about in the search for more clinical, exacting sounds.

Come to think of it I heard both BMSR and The Field on Covert Curiousity, one of my essential sites to visit. So check it out please and beware the wind in your ears.

BMSR - Rollerdisco

The Field - Sun & Ice

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