27 Mar 2010

Boardwalk Empire

I was about to post a blog about how I think Martin Scorsese how really flatlined as a creative force in cinema. About how I believe his films reflect a comfort zone which many directors find themselves in after years of struggle.

Now I am not suggesting this zone is necessarily a bad thing for them personally as who does not need a break from the creative grindstone. However, his years of turmoil produced Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, After Hours and The King Of Comedy. His years of post Goodfellas comfort include unsatisfying and sometimes self indulgent product like Cape Fear, Gangs Of New York, Aviator, Kundun, Casino and now Shutters Island.

So in my rummaging for a suitable pic I cam across another story and one mjuch more interesting than my opinions on Scorsese (but i think i am on the right track with marty).

Coming in the fall of 2010 (fall - thanks America) comes a new HBO series from Sopranos writer Terence Winter and including directing spots from Sopranos regular Tim Van Patten and Scorsese himself doing the pilot.

Its called Boardwalk Empire and will have Steve Buscemi leading the cast. Something that is long overdue. Anyway set in Atlantic City as prohibition begins in the USA, Buscemi plays the head kingpin controlling the booze and assorted other illegal activities. From the looks of the preview clips it looks like a Sopranos/Deadwood mixture of sex, violence, corruption and action.

Roll on fall.

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