6 Mar 2010

Countdown 120 - 101

G'day.....psychadelic outback fear-fest, cowboy dialectic materialism, mountain men, bourne again*, casualty of nazi war, cold turkey revenge, big rain, the decapatation of Noel Edmonds, lost love, kid power, little red riding slasher, belgian sadism, I'll stick to hill walking, follow that gun!, there is nothing like a dame, the first 22nd Century western, its a pukka, freedom fighting for dummies, street rats and sweet ass paranoia.

*= I have chosen to place all the Bourne films in one entry. Each is 10/10. Each has prety much the same structure (fights, femmes and chases). Each feels like the previous and the follow-up.


101. The Parallax View
102. Midnight Cowboy
103. The Battle Of Algiers
104. Harvey
105. Assassination Of Jesse James
106. The Naked Spur
107. Winchester 73
108. Touching the Void
109. The Vanishing
110. Don't Look Now
111. La Fracture du Myocarde
112. Casablanca
113. Dawn Of The Dead
114. A Bugs Life
115. French Connection 2
116. Europa Europa
117. Bourne Series
118. Jeremiah Johnson
119. The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean
120. Picnic at Hanging Rock

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