3 Mar 2010

Countdown 180-161

In tonight's post we have...a film I never thought I could like let alone love, hope & tragedy in the Spanish Revolution, "ssssissster", big brain action, that green volkswagon beetle, the truffle shuffle, shit scary 1940s nothingness, chicken catching, Clint's misunderstood copshow, Carry On Saving Private Kelly, brave docu-polemics, beyond the infinite, plain clothes cool, in space nobody can hear me crap myself, union blues, prententious genius, bolshevik romcom, textbook revisionism and an olympic tragedy.


161. One Day In September
162. The Posse
163. Dr Zchivago
164. Apocalypse Now
165. Blue Collar
166. Alien
167. Serpicio
168. 2001 Space Odyssey
169. Pulp Fiction
170. Farenheit 9/11
171. Kelly's Heroes
172. Dirty Harry
173. Rocky II
174. Return Of The Cat People
175. The Goonies
176. Bullit
177. Nikita
178. Return Of The Jedi
179. Land and Freedom
180. Last Of The Mohicans

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