4 Mar 2010

Countdown 160 - 141

So good evening to....the whore with a heart, 1997 New York, meat and no veg, glorious soggy bottoms, flyin' monkeys, ronald reagan???, an irish monk, a country-fried dystopia, fags and dames, war is bad, blow-dried malaise, media malaise, the art of fighting without fighting (but actually fighting), apes a poppin', ginger blur, dead narrators, red blood/red sand, "pick up the gun" and adagio for strings.


141. Platoon
142. Shane
143. The Proposition
144. Sunset Boulevard
145. Run Lola Run
146. Planet Of The Apes
147. Enter The Dragon
148. Network
149. shampoo
150. Gallipoli
151. Mean Streets
152. The Maltese falcon
153. Nashville
154. The Big Lebowski
155. The Killers
156. Wizard Of Oz
157. O Brother Where Art Thou
158. Delicatessen
159. Escape From New York
160. Stagecoach

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