7 Mar 2010

Countdown 100 - 81

First up: a correction. Number 127 should be Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers and NOT Return Of King. Rather like Empire Stikes Back vs Return Of the Jedi.

Anyhoos as we enter the 100s.....the original bromance, cime-capering bromantics, fraudulent bromantics, lessons about guns, camp gangs, and you thought brokebank mountain has homosexual undertones, aunt veroooooooo, pizza wars, itchy and scratchy land, the last american hero, wind-up sailors, they call him tim, bill paxtion gets killed (or was it bill pulman), 70s groucho, glasses make you spinster, commie cowboys, swords and skeletons, far east cool, deep frozen marxism and don't underestimate the IRA.


81. The Long Good Friday
92. Sleeper
83. Lost In Translation
84. Jason and the Argonauts
85. High Noon
86. Its A Wonderful Life
87. Play It Again Sam
88. The Terminator
89. Monty Python and The holy grail
90. The Bedford Incident
91. Vanishing Point
92. Westworld
93. Do The Right Thing
94. Star Wars
95. Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
96. The Warriors
97. Bowling For Columbine
98. The Producers
99. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
100. The Odd Couple

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