9 Mar 2010

Countdown 60 - 41

Three posts to go and we start with.....Charlie Hitler, old man moves, bread basket love triangle, taking it off here boss, samba drama, wings of death, the boogie man, jack's helmet, steve's white socks, a family affair, the ultimate father, no need for any badges, puking dinosaurs, deep freeze paranoia, funny how?, he wants his money, karate lessons from a bastard, phone box punch ups, girl trouble and Mr Bond???


41. The Hill
42. Paper Moon
43. The Iprcess File
44. Get Carter
45. Point Blank
46. Goodfellas
47. The Thing
48. Toy Story
49. The Treasure Of Sierra Madre
50. To Kill A Mocking Bird
51. Empire Strikes Back
52. Fargo
53. Easy Rider
54. Monsters Inc
55. Brewster McCloud
56. City Of God
57. Cool Hand Luke
58. Days Of Heaven
59. Straight Story
60. The Great Dictator

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