2 Mar 2010

Countdown 200-181

Evil man cured by Karen Allen, disco nightmares, rednecks pissing themselves, grumpy old desert men, sharp suits & sharper tongues, high noon in space, talking dogs, chinese gods vs kurt russell, scary spanish antics, cannibalism, le sex bombs, a big country, lost icons, a great sci-fi horror ending, hired slaughter, the original hannibal, big boats & big men, mrs robinson, cattle mutiny and Moviedrome's Alex Cox.


181. Repo Man
182. Red River
183. The Graduate
184. The Cruel Sea
185. Manhunter
186. Missouri Breaks
187. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
188. Misfits
189. The Big Country
190. Belle De Jour
191. Ravenous
192. The Orphanage
193. Big Trouble In Little China
194. A Boy And His Dog
195. Outland
196. Glengarry Glen Ross
197. Flight of the phoenix
198. Mississippi Burning
199. Saturday Night Fever
200. Scrooged

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